Products tagged with 'civivi'

Civivi Altus C200762

Altus Button Lock Burgundy features a 3.05" Nitro-V blade with burgundy G10 handles
$85.00 $72.25

Civivi P87 C21043-3

2.88" black stonewash finish Nitro V steel blade and Green micarta handle.
$84.70 $72.00

Civivi Conspirator C21006-3

Cuibourtia Wood Handle Gray Stonewashed Nitro-V Blade
$97.95 $83.00

Civivi Elementum C907A

2.96" Satin Finished D2 blade with Black G10 handles
$59.00 $50.15

Civivi Elementum C907C-DS2

2.96" Black Hand Rubbed Damascus blade with Shredded Carbon Fiber And Silvery Shred In Clear Resin Contoured handles
$97.75 $87.98

Civivi Elementum C907D

2.96" Satin Finished D2 blade with Black Ebony Wood handles
$75.00 $63.75

Civivi Elementum C907S

2.96" Satin Finished D2 blade with Olive Micarta handles
$61.80 $52.50

Civivi Elementum C907T-E

2.96" Black Stonewashed D2 Tanto blade with Green Micarta Handle
$61.80 $52.50

Civivi Elementum C907U

2.96" Black Stonewashed D2 blade with Cuibourtia Wood handles
$75.00 $63.75